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Chapka has been a specialist travel insurance broker since 2002. They offer insurance solutions tailored to the needs of tourism professionals and individuals.
AHM offers health cover for overseas students, tailored to your needs during your stay in Australia.
Medibank is an integrated healthcare company providing private health insurance and healthcare solutions to 3.7 million Australians.
Mai Lo Is In Oz is an agency that offers departure packs to Australia. Mai Lo also shares her experiences and her tips on her social networks.
Anne-Sophie, founder of StudiesUP, has worked internationally for 20 years, including 11 years spent supporting and advising students for their studies abroad.
Maggie suggests that you follow the important steps to put in place when returning to France to ensure her new job. His agency allows a successful professional integration upon his return to France.
Edway Training is a training organization established in 2008. They offer high quality courses in the construction, healthcare and hospitality sectors.
Vianney Kayak
Vianney offers you a kayak getaway on Sydney Bay for only $80 for 2 hours. You can attend Sunrise and Sunset for an unbeatable price!
International money transfer system. You can send money to 80 countries, always with low and transparent fees.
Orbis Advisors is an immigration agency, based in Melbourne. Whether you are in Australia, or outside the country, you can discuss your visa options with their registered migration agents.