I was on TF1 (french channel) during my PVT in Australia


Report Australia ( French channel ) – Grand format 

In recent years, TF1 and other TV channels have been broadcasting more and more regular reports on Australia.

It was in 2018 that I was contacted by a TF1 journalist on Facebook to offer me to participate in their next “Grand Format” report.

I immediately accepted because it was a great way for me to remember my Australian adventure, and I was sure my family would be proud to see me on the screen.

On 6 March 2019, almost 5 months after the filming, TF1 broadcast the report “The Australian dream of young French people”  was featured on the 8 pm news (Grand Format).

I was, at that time, on holiday in Thailand. When I woke up, I had over a hundred messages on social networks.

I usually woke up with messages from my students, but this time it was mainly people I didn’t talk to regularly… I was wondering what was going on.

I must confess that I had completely forgotten about this filming and I had just woken up after a big night in a club.

I waited until I had emerged to take the time to read all the messages and then, it was a big surprise! The report had just been broadcast!

I had asked to be warned before it was broadcast so that I could inform my family, but this was not done. As a result, everyone saw the report… everyone except my parents and myself!

The good thing is that everything is now available in replay on the Internet. So sometimes I take the time to watch this report and I remember what an exceptional adventure I had.

My adventure was a bit different from most backpackers because I never really did a ‘backpacker’ job. You will see in the video what my job was, and it is the one that has allowed me to create my business Manoztralia today.

I made a video where I explain my journey in more detail. The video is called “From backpacker to entrepreneur, this is my journey” and it is available on my YouTube channel. I’d be really happy if you could subscribe to it.

Going back to my work experience in Australia, I have never worked in a café, in a restaurant, in housekeeping, on a farm, in construction… Why? Simply because I am constantly at war with myself. I always need to prove to myself that I am different, that I am capable of.

However, my English was not very good when I got my first job as a travel agent. And by the way, that’s probably why I got fired after a few days! I wrote an article about it. You can find it HERE

But I bounced back, and then got a job in an education agency, as an Australia Counsellor, and that’s mainly what the TF1 report on the French in Australia is about.

Enjoy the show!

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