cours d'anglais en Australie

Taking English lessons in Australia is the best way to start your adventure. The Australian schools we work with are located in all major cities in Australia and we have great prices.

Apprendre l’anglais, développer son vocabulaire, se préparer à des examens officiels, améliorer sa prononciation…Tout ça, c’est possible en suivant des cours d’anglais en Australie. On t’en dit plus ci-dessous.

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Taking English classes in Australia is the best way to start your adventure. English schools offer two schedules: morning classes and evening classes. It’s up to you to choose according to your preferences. The schools are very flexible and offer a Monday start time. In addition, classes are divided according to the level of each student. There is no need to say, English courses in Australia are an excellent way to get back into the swing of things, or for some, even to start learning.


For those who wish to learn and/or improve their level of English in Australia.


  • Customized package
  • Real consideration of your budget and needs
  • Choice of options
  • Customized
  • Save time
On your first day of school, you will be assessed, but if you are already curious, you can take this free test available on my website.If you are interested in English courses in Australia, I am the person to turn to!In fact, I have been working for years in partnership with very well known Australian schools renowned for their quality of teaching and their affordable rates.Being paid by the schools, I can afford to offer you my services and advice for free. So please do not hesitate to ask me for information, a brochure or a quote.However, to make it easier for you and to allow you to be autonomous, I have set up a tool that will allow you to generate a quote, totally free of charge and with no obligation.How does it work?You need to fill in the form below, click on “QUOTATION” and you will be redirected to a page that will indicate the rate for the number of weeks selected.If you are happy with the quote, email me at so we can discuss it in more detail and I can suggest schools based on the city you want to study in.You can also book your package directly in our online store. It’s 100% secure!