visa australie touriste

It’s decided! This year, it will be a trip to Australia, the island-continent at the other end of the world, which is full of magnificent landscapes. For you, this country is to be fully discovered and working there is out of the question?
Good, because once you are there, with the tourist visa, you are not allowed to work. So start saving now.
With this tourist visa, you can:
– Visit and stay in the country for the duration of your visa
– Study in Australia for a maximum of 12 weeks
– Do volunteer work
– Travel for business (attending meetings, negotiating contracts) Job hunting is not a condition of a tourist visa.
There are 3 main types of tourist visas for Australia, quite similar in appearance in names, but which nevertheless present certain particularities that one must know :
– eVISITOR (subclass 651) : FREE, maximum 3 months for each entry into Australia. Issued for 12 months. You can apply for it yourself, on the official immigration website.
– ELECTRONIC TRAVEL AUTHORITY, otherwise known as ETA, (subclass 601) : FREE, but 20AUD issue fee. Maximum 3 months for each entry to Australia. Issued for 12 months. The ETA is only issued if you go through an agency and is actually of no interest to Europeans. This visa is mainly requested by Canadians who do not benefit from the eVisitor.
– VISITOR VISA (subclass 600): 335AUD, suitable for anyone wishing to stay longer than 3 months in Australia. No need to leave the country every 3 months. It can be applied for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.


Manoztralia has created a partnership with a travel agency certified as an “Australia and New Zealand expert” for its clients.
Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, you will be able to benefit from personalised service. The agency will plan your tailor-made itinerary and book the items listed below for you. This way they can offer you great deals. Also, their advice and trip planning are free!

They can help you with:
– Accommodation (hostel)
– Activities
– Tours
– Transport (renting or buying a car, 4×4, van, bus pass, etc).